Shortly after a teenage girl can be found dry, Benson happens undercover just like the good madam to capture good sex trafficker

Shortly after a teenage girl can be found dry, Benson happens undercover just like the good madam to capture good sex trafficker

Then investigators learn the girl is a child prodigy, maybe not an effective prostitute, and also the investigation guides these to her playing-addict father.

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You out of a young girl dressed in lean dresses and you can an effective cross is located in a dock. Warner find you to she is dry in advance of she went regarding the river, one to she try abused in the past, hence she was has just into the Ny and also in this new Ukraine. Brand new detectives figure that girl is trafficked having sex. But not, whenever the prospects capture them to an effective Ukrainian sex trafficker named Alik, he demonstrates the new dead girl was not simply not one from his, and that she was not trafficked at all; this woman is in the near future recognized as child prodigy Elsa Lychkoff. Fin uncovers you to one Elsa visited Morewood, an exclusive boarding university with graduates that usually relocate to prestigious schools plus MIT, Cal Tech and Harvard.

Questioning how Elsa ended up within the water, Stabler and you can Benson concern the latest dean out of Morewood, which says to him or her you to Elsa try certainly one of her smartest youngsters and you will was about to obtain early decision in order to MIT. She states one to Elsa was a student in the brand new Ukraine on an escape out of lack to check out their particular passing away grandmother. Brand new dean discovers one to Elsa checked of your own college on noon on Tuesday and you may are due into the tonight. She along with claims you to Elsa is actually close to Jennifer Banking companies, their roommate.

Through to being questioned, Jennifer states one what you appeared very easy to Elsa due to her genius-top IQ hence she rarely spent when studying. She together with states one to Elsa usually snuck away later in the day, flirted with boys, and you may outfitted naughty whenever she went out, also showing Stabler and you may Benson exactly what seems to be their own outfits.

The fresh new detectives following talk with Elsa’s mothers. Elsa’s dad Joseph states that he is alone exactly who realized his child, hence she required their attention nourished by finest university. Observing Joseph’s smoking habit, it require Elsa’s injury, however, score nowhere.


Fin tells Stabler and you may Benson one to Jos and you may Ponzi systems. The latest Lychkoffs’ most other child, Katrina, finds the fresh route and you may states you to their own dad try abusive into the their unique along with her cousin. She shows her or him a room and then he used to train him or her having fun with abusive steps to help you « trigger its brains », and you will shows you which he sooner or later tossed their particular out over attention solely into the Elsa whenever she couldn’t keep pace. onde encontrar uma esposa Katrina further informs Stabler and Benson that Morewood was only since the bad; they offered their own dad a wholesome bonus immediately following joining Elsa towards the grant, hence Joseph constantly registered their particular in competitions towards award money; he was and work out Elsa towards family members’ goldmine. Joseph and you will Elsa’s mom come, even though the latter try thrilled to see Katrina, however, Joseph strikes their and you may reaffirms his disownment off their eldest daughter ahead of Stabler arrests him.

At route, Joseph will continue to lay on the his accomplishments in life with his engineering degree, while Elsa’s mommy shows the truth: Jos, is kicked out of school, immediately after which went along to the fresh new U.S. to have performs, never ever providing their Ph.D. He and created a bad playing habits and you can Elsa’s mom are forced to functions multiple operate to store the household above-water. Whenever Benson accuses Joseph away from operating Elsa way too hard and you can overcoming her in order to dying, the guy stands up and begins to defeat his or her own head into the brand new wall structure from inside the an annoying rage. Cragen requires the medics since Joseph passes away.


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